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Latest News

Welcome to IYONIX Ltd's web site for 32-bit versions of RISC OS. As well as explaining how to write 32-bit compatible software for the IYONIX pc this site describes some of the new features introduced in RISC OS 5. It also gives some guidelines on providing application help and conforming to the new keyboard labelling.

The 32-bit C/C++ Development Environment is recommended for anybody developing software in Assembler, C or compiled BASIC and is available from Iyonix Ltd for £199 inc VAT. There are also numerous ARM books which are recommended for assembly language programmers.

Latest News

9 January 2006   GraphicsV API released.
7 November 2005   International IME module and specification released.
16 October 2004   32 bit RedrawManager module version 0.08.
16 January 2004   Information on updates to the Wimp API.
    Updated PCI API to reflect the OS_ClaimDeviceVector usage.
4 January 2004   Updated information on extensions to the OS_ClaimDeviceVector SWI.
15 October 2003   The !System update has been released. This is applicable to all versions of RISC OS up to and including 5.03. It adds support for the additional maths functions available in version 5.54 of the C compiler. CC version 5.54 is also available as an update to the C Tools in the usual way at
14 October 2003   The UTF8 & Japanese support specification has been released.
30 June 2003   The SCSI pages have been updated to include source code for a sample 'SCSISoft' driver - that for the Acorn SCSI card. A full API is provided for anyone wishing to write drivers for USB Mass storage devices not currently covered, or to support other SCSI cards on the IYONIX pc.
27 May 2003   The RISC OS StrongHelp manual has been updated and may now be downloaded from the StrongHelp site. It includes all of the new 32-bit compatible APIs implemented in RISC OS 5, such as Draw_ProcessPath, OS_HeapSort32, OS_SubstituteArgs32 etc. Strongly recommended for all RISC OS programmers.
14 May 2003   A new API for Draw_ProcessPath has been published to avoid the problem of using a flag and a pointer in R7 on entry. The new API will be implemented in Draw 1.17, but note it is not included in the RISC OS 5.03 ROM.

13 May 2003  

CDFSFiler now includes a simple CD music player which is accessed via its 'Player' menu item. Alternative players can replace this simple player by responding to a WIMP message or by setting a system variable.
ModulePostInit/ModulePostFinal service calls are now issued whenever a module is initialised or finalised. This can be useful for client's of the module wishing to register or deregister with the module.

13 February 2003  

Details of the new RISC OS 5 PDumper API are now available for developers writing Printer Dumper modules. This allows long printer configuration strings to be used as required by many modern printers.

23 January 2003  

A new !System has been released for RISC OS 3 and RISC OS 4 users. The only difference from the previous release is that the !Run file (v0.83) now loads CallASWI 0.03 if it is not already loaded. This ensures that the new SWIs (OS_HeapSort32 etc) are always available, even on 26-bit systems. Applications that rely on CallASWI 0.03 should still RMEnsure it in their !Run file in case the new system has not been installed.

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